What Happened to Westley’s Bleach White: Answered!

what happened to Westley’s Bleach White

Westley’s Bleach White has been popular among car enthusiasts for its ability to brighten and clean white wall tires. But in recent years there have been reports that the product is no longer available on the market. Leading many people to wonder, what happened to Westley’s Bleach White. ‘Westley’s Bleach White’ was acquired by another … Read more

What Is the Best POR-15 Solvent Substitute?

por-15 solvent substitute

Not all solvents are suitable for all kinds of coatings. And mismatching them can be very harmful and might end up not giving the desired results.   So what are the best por-15 solvent substitute? Some chemical POR-15 Solvent substitutes are Acetone, Xylene, Ethylbenzene, Toluene. These will need to be mixed properly. And if you don’t … Read more

Mothers Vs Meguiars: An In-Depth Comparison!

mothers vs meguiars

Finding better car care products is so challenging nowadays because of the availability of various brands in the market. You may get confused to pick one among all of them. That’s why you may be wondering: Mothers vs Meguiars, which one is better? As a well-known brand, Mothers’ products are affordable, while Meguiars’ products are … Read more