Top 7 Cerakote Clear Coat Problems And Their Solution!

cerakote clear coat problems

Ceramic coating provides phenomenal long-lasting protection from contamination and UV rays along with a fantastic glossy look. Cerakote Clear Coat is one of the most popular brands in the market when you think of ceramic coating. Nevertheless, this particular coating brand can sometimes be difficult to work with. So, what are Cerakote Clear Coat problems?  … Read more

4 Ziebart Diamond Gloss Problems [With Solutions!]

ziebart diamond gloss problems

The Ziebart Diamond Gloss coating system has yet to meet expectations lately, and some problems have emerged. A few frustrations can be experienced while using this, but the solution is simple.  So, what are the common Ziebart Diamond Gloss Problems? Ziebart Diamond Gloss has drawbacks, such as longer application time and incompatibility with many chemicals. … Read more

Mothers Vs Meguiars: An In-Depth Comparison!

mothers vs meguiars

Finding better car care products is so challenging nowadays because of the availability of various brands in the market. You may get confused to pick one among all of them. That’s why you may be wondering: Mothers vs Meguiars, which one is better? As a well-known brand, Mothers’ products are affordable, while Meguiars’ products are … Read more