Mazda Paint Chip Issue: 4 Tips to Protect Your Car!

mazda paint chip

Mazda is a famous brand for its innovative technology and excellent cars. However, a problem with its signature paints really hurt its reputation. So, how common is the Mazda paint chip problem? Mazda paint chipping is a very common issue faced by Mazda owners worldwide. Their trademark colors “Soul Red Crystal” and “Soul Red Metallic” … Read more

Flex XCE 10-8 125 vs 3401: Which One is Better? [Your Ultimate Guide]

flex xce 10-8 125 vs 3401

Choosing a machine polisher can be difficult, especially if this is your first time. Both the Flex XCE 10-8-125 and the XC 3401 have established themselves as high-performing products since their introduction to the market. So the question is, Flex XCE 10-8-125 or 3401 which is a better machine polisher? The speed range and cable … Read more

Can You Use Purple Power on Car Paint: Answered! [5 Affordable Alternatives Discussed]

can i use purple power on car paint

Who doesn’t like shiny, sparkling paint on their car’s body? You must have tried several materials to clean those stubborn contaminants. Apparently, you need a cleaner that removes the dirt without damaging the paint.  Now, you are maybe wondering can you use purple power on car paint. No, you can’t use purple power on car … Read more

Mothers Vs Meguiars: An In-Depth Comparison!

mothers vs meguiars

Finding better car care products is so challenging nowadays because of the availability of various brands in the market. You may get confused to pick one among all of them. That’s why you may be wondering: Mothers vs Meguiars, which one is better? As a well-known brand, Mothers’ products are affordable, while Meguiars’ products are … Read more