How to Clean Car Windshield Outside with Ultimate Guide

Your car windshield not only protects your car from being dusty but also plays a crucial role to keep you safe. If there is a scratch or spot on your windshield, it might cause an accident. Also, it can be quite uncomfortable to continuously watch some nasty stains before your eyes.

How to clean car windshield outside? That’s good enough to use white vinegar, glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

Knowing to clean car windshields outside is a necessity for every car owner. Knowing the simple tips can help you take care of your car and ensure a safe journey.

Let’s learn about the most commonly asked questions and tips about how to clean a windshield. Take care of your car and your safety in a proper way.

How to Clean Windshield Haze?

Windshield haze can be quite dangerous as it blocks your vision. There are various reasons for causing windshield haze, and you can clean them with some simple equipment and tricks.

You can clean windshield haze using white vinegar, glass cleaner, or rubbing alcohol. These are quite strong and good. They will clean your windshield without leaving any residue or scratches.

White vinegar is a multipurpose cleaner that you can use on many occasions. Rubbing alcohol is also a good reagent for your cleaning purpose. After preparing your solution, spray it on the windshield and wipe it away with microfibre fabric.

Microfiber fabrics help you to clean your glass without making any scratch over it. Put a towel over the dashboard before spraying the cleaner to avoid any damage and protect your dashboard.

How to Clean Windshield with Vinegar?

Vinegar is a multipurpose cleaning agent. You can clean the outside windshield with vinegar without scratching or damaging it. You can get white vinegar almost anywhere.

Mix some white vinegar with water to get the perfect solution for your cleaning. You can use a 1:1 vinegar to water ratio. If the dust is too sticky, you can add more vinegar to your water. You can use a sprayer or a bowl. Use a microfiber fabric to apply the mixture to the glass.

You can either directly spray the cleaners on the glass surface or dip your microfiber fabric and wipe away all the dust. If you prefer spraying the vinegar on the windshield, be careful while wiping that away. The residues can attract dust. So, wipe the windshield dry and clean.

How to Clean Windshield With Steel Wool?

Glass can be quite sensitive and scratch easily. So, even when you are trying to clean it, the rough surface of your fabric or brush can scratch your windshield, and it will last for a lifetime.

oil spots on windshield

Steel wool is quite reliable and smooth for cleaning your windshield. To clean your windshield, you need to get the finest steel wool which is steel wool too.

Many might think that steel wool will scratch your windshield surface. But in reality, it gives you a better finish than most fabrics.

After rubbing the steel wool for 5 minutes on the glass surface with applying slight pressure in a small circular motion, you will get a smooth and waxed finish. The only damage that the steel wool cannot remove is the sports that are a result of lack of maintenance.

So, clean your windshield regularly and keep them scratch-free.

Magic Eraser on the Exterior Windshield

A magic eraser can come in handy if your windshield is heavily covered with dust or stains. In the case of tough stains or gunk, it really works like magic.

The chemical composition of the Magic eraser is a little bit abrasive, but it does not scratch your windshield. But if your windshield is tinted, then be careful as it might damage the tint.

Mix the magic eraser with water before using it on your glass. Then lightly wipe the glass surface on the dirt so that the built-up dirt can break off and your windshield can be clean. After wiping away the dirt, clean the window with a damp cloth so that there is no remaining chemical on the glass.

As a magic eraser contains quite strong chemicals, washing off all the chemicals is very important after the cleaning. Also, don’t apply too much pressure while rubbing the spots. Else it might be harmful to your glass.

how to clean car windows outside

How to Remove Wiper Residue from the Windshield?

Wiper marks or residues can be quite nasty on your windshield. As your wiper repeatedly moves on the same path on your windshield, it can cause permanent damage if it is not clean or in good shape.

So, keeping your wiper in its best shape should be your first priority. But if there are stains on your windshield already due to a dirty wiper, you can clean them too.

Choose a good-quality glass cleaner to clean the residue from the windshield. Use an alcohol-based cleaner to prevent any damage.

 Apply a generous amount of cleaner and wipe them. Add some force while rubbing the cleaner on the glass so that the deep-rooted stain can come off easily. You can use a towel or microfiber fabric to clean the glass.

After cleaning the stains, wipe the glass with a clean fabric so that there is no residue left.

How to Clean a Greasy Windscreen?

A grease or oily substance on the windscreen can be quite a nuisance. So, cleaning them off as soon as possible is better. To clean the grease from your windshield, you can use vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or alcohol-based cleaners.

Alcohol helps to clean the grease easily. Don’t use ammonia-based cleaners as they can damage your tint or leather near the windshield area.

Before applying the cleaner, remove all the dust and debris using a soft towel or cloth. That way, the cleaner can work fast, and the cleaning process becomes easier.

Mix your cleaner with the same amount of water and wipe away the greasy substance. You can spray the cleaner on your windscreen and rub it with microfiber fabric.

You can wipe the greasy area multiple times if the grease does not come off immediately. Don’t forget to wipe the glass with a clean towel after cleaning the grease.

how to clean car windscreen outside

Final Word

Both for the safety and beauty of your car, keeping your car’s windshield at its best state is a must. As car windshields can get dirty easily, knowing how to clean the car windshield outside can save your money and keep your car’s look intact always.

With a clear view, you can enjoy your drive and maintain the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Now you can clean your windshield whenever you need.

So, why waste any time? Enjoy your ride with the best view possible with a clean windscreen.

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