How to Clean Lexus Perforated Leather Seats? (Ultimate Guide)

The car experience is not only about the gear, speed, or the sense of freedom that comes with it. There is more about how the inside looks. Take the dashboard, headrest, or even the seat itself. If those are not clean, it will ruin both the mood and the fun with it.

My friend had a car with perforated leather seats. Once, he found it dirty and wanted to clean it. The only problem was he did not know how to clean Lexus perforated leather seats. Thankfully, he got the help of the best leather cleaner for Lexus interior. Later on, I learned all about it from him and can’t wait to share!

Here, you will learn about cleaning different types of car seats. Hold tight and read on.

How to Clean Lexus Perforated Leather Seats?

Perforated leather seats are different from ordinary leather seats. They are “perforated,” which means it allows better breathability through the pigmentation. It reduces sweating because the moistures are released more effectively. There are a lot of Lexus cleaning products for car seats. Have any of them by your side. So, how do you clean it?

Firstly, gently put some of that perforated leather cleaner or genuine Lexus leather cleaner and conditioner on a brush (not on the seats!). Then brush it on the seats to clean the dirt on it.

You will notice that the color is slowly changing. When you are satisfied with the progress made so far, gently wipe it out with a microfibre towel.

Now this will surely clean what’s on the seat, but what about the dirt that is clogged? You can use a vacuum or a hairdryer in this case. Gently go over those holes, and they will be unclogged in no time.

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How to Clean Lexus Nuluxe Seats?

For artificial leather upholstery that gives you the feel and looks of the leather seats, without the care and cost of the leather, Lexus Nuluxe is the best in the market. So, how do you clean it?

We shall begin with vacuuming all over the seats to remove any debris. Do not miss this opportunity to remove the dirt and debris on the floor. Now we have to remove any ingrained dirt.

Apply any conditioner from the Lexus interior cleaning kit you like to a microfibre cloth. Wipe them clean after some time, and your Nuluxe seats are good again.

Can you Use Leather Cleaner on Perforated Seats?

Yes. You can use leather cleaner on perforated seats.

Cleaning a perforated seat is not very different from cleaning a regular seat. Be careful brushing or vacuuming. You might use toothpicks or a very small vacuum nozzle if anything got clogged in the holes.

How Do You Clean Urine out of a Perforated Leather Car Seat?

Bad news!! You are going to suffer a little more than just rubbing and wiping if your fluffy did the weenie job on the perforated leather car seats. Chemicals on the pee are very harmful to the skin. If exposed to the skin for a long time, they may become seriously irritating. Even skin rashes might develop.

So, what can be done about it?

First, do as you always want to do to clean your seats with a Lexus leather cleaning kit. Afterward, you need to work on killing the enzymes that might still be there.

There are many enzyme sprays available in the market, so use any of them and be protected.

How Do You Get Stuff out of a Perforated Leather Seat?

It’s really annoying to get pieces of stuff that got stuck in those tiny perforated holes. Regular cleaning will not do much help when getting them out.

You need to call the big boys after conditioning perforated leather seats. After regular cleaning, you can call two big boys to get the stuff out.

They are Gum Stimulator and Interdental Brush. They are both designed for the good of oral health.

The Gum Stimulator has a very pointy rubber end that can dig up the dirt in those tiny holes. It’s that simple. Now note that there are different versions and sizes of interdental brushes.

If you get the one with a metal end, be careful when you operate, as these can tear your leather seats. The best option would be to get the smaller ones with a rubber end. With any of these tools, you can get pieces of stuff out of your perforated leather seats.

How Do You Clean Lexus Synthetic Leather?

Firstly, we have to remove any loose dirt from upholstery with a vacuum. Be gentle while you use the vacuum. Put some cleaner over the leather and rub it. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Some products might need special care with a special cleaner. For that, read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cleaning synthetic leather is not that different from cleaning genuine leather. Even though they can be easily cleaned with a mild soap or detergent, for Lexus synthetic leather, try the Lexus leather cleaning kit for best performance.

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How Do You Get Chocolate out of Perforated Leather Seats?

To get chocolate out, you will need a toothbrush and some warm water(1:10) mix. The toothbrush and the detergent must be mixed and agitated on a piece of plastic before applying it to the leather and rubbing it clean.

Remember not to get the leather too wet, and repeat the process if it’s not cleaned enough.

Final Thoughts

Seats occupy an undisputed section of the full car experience. Besides providing you with comfort and keeping your butt in place, a neat and clean signifies more about who you are. If you keep things dirty, you are dirty in real life as well.

That is why recognizing that you need to “clean” your car seat is not enough. You also need to know how it’s done and using what.

Here, we learned how to clean Lexus perforated leather seats, whether you have chocolates or urine on them. So next time you have stains on the leather or inside the perforated holes, you know how to take care of it, don’t you?

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