How To Clean Subaru Dashboard In 2024 (6 Easy Methods)

The most attractive part of the inside of our car is the dashboard. Your Subaru’s dashboard is one of the most critical parts of your vehicle’s interior, and it houses your car’s vital instruments and controls and can be a real focal point in your car’s design. The Subaru car dashboard is much more exciting and eye-catching than any other car dashboard. However, your dashboard can accumulate dirt, dust, and grime over time, making your car’s interior look dingy and dull. So, how to clean Subaru dashboard?

Cleaning a Subaru car dashboard will seem a little more complicated than cleaning car seats and bearings if you don’t know the proper method. In my experience, most people do not know how to clean Subaru dashboard, and Tthat’s why it seems so harsh to them.

Many people think that cleaning the dashboard of a Subaru car is very difficult and time-consuming. But this is a misconception.

You’ll be glad to know that the Subaru car dashboard is straightforward to clean. If you know the correct method, you will be able to clean your car dashboard in a short time. This guide will show you how to clean Subaru dashboard quickly and easily. So let’s get started.

How To Clean Subaru Dashboard?

You can finish the job in less than 4 minutes with the proper method and a few supplies. Many car enthusiasts purchase dashboard cleaners.

However, many dashboard cleaners contain harmful substances that can lead your dashboard to fade and crack. That’s why finding a safe and appropriate cleaner for your Subaru dashboard is essential.

From the equipment perspective, you will need a vacuum cleaner, a soft brush, and a microfiber cloth.

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Step 1: Clean the dashboard with a vacuum

It is quick and practical approach to clean the dashboard with a vacuum.

First, you need to keep all the doors of the car open. Then with the vacuum cleaner, you must remove all the dust accumulated on the dashboard. Continue to vacuum until all the dust and sand from your dashboard has come out.

Step 2: Prepare the cleaners

First, take a bucket and pour the cleaners in it; if the cleaners need to be diluted, add a bit of water. Your job will be much easier if you have a cleaner hand spray bottle.

Step 3: Use a microfiber cloth

If the bucket has a cleaner, wipe the dashboard by dipping a microfiber cloth into the bucket.

And if there is hand spray, spray on the dashboard, then wipe the dashboard with a microfiber cloth. This way, start from one side and Wipe the other end of the dashboard. Ensure the solution does not dry out after spraying on the dashboard.

Step 4: Use a brush

This time clean the dashboard with a small and soft brush poking through the cracks. You can easily get the dirt out of the dashboard using a small brush.

Step 5: Rinse with a damp cloth

This time, wash the entire dashboard with a damp microfiber cloth. At the same time, you can clean all the places on the side of the dashboard, like the bottom part of the dashboard, steering wheel, gear, and essential elements, in the same way.

Step 6: Clean with a dry cloth

Now wipe the entire dashboard with a dry microfiber cloth to bring a brand new look to your dashboard. If you see stains or dirt in any place, clean again using the above method.

By following this method, you will be able to clean the dashboard of the Subaru car very quickly and in a short time. Following this procedure will not cause any damage to your Subaru car dashboard. And it will look brand new.

how to clean Subaru dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Use When Cleaning Subaru A Dashboard?

Subaru Dashboard is made of a combination of rubber, plastic, and vinyl. Hence, it is best to use light oil and soap. Cleaners contain strong chemicals that can ruin the color of your dashboard. However, if you decide to use a cleaner to clean the dashboard, take a good look at the cleaner.

If you have stains on your car’s dashboard, you can make a dashboard cleaner with vinegar, oil, and mild water. For that, mix half a teaspoon of vinegar and half a teaspoon of oil in a glass of water to create a cleaner suitable for cleaning Subaru Dashboard. However, before using this DIY cleaner, you must check if it is safe.

Is the procedure for cleaning a leather dashboard the same?

Absolutely not. Chemical cleaners are also suitable for cleaning leather dashboards. If you have a leather cleaner, you can use it to clean the leather dashboard. Using Leather Cleaner does not damage the Leather Dashboard. However, it is only suitable for leather dashboards.

Should I apply dashboard polish after cleaning?

Many experts discussed whether the dashboard should be polished after cleaning. Some argue the dashboard can be damaged after polishing. According to others, after polishing, the dashboard shines like new without any sign of damage.

My recommendation, if you decide to polish the dashboard to make it shine like new, you must use the standard polish of a well-respected company.

Why is a microfiber cloth perfect for dashboard cleaning?

Cleaning the Subaru car dashboard with any cloth can stain the dashboard. Your car’s dashboard should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth, especially when it is filthy. Whether the microfiber cloth is wet or dry, it easily absorbs dust. And because the microfiber fabric is soft, the dashboard is not damaged.

For this, always use only a microfiber cloth when cleaning the dashboard of your Subaru car.

Can I Use Olive Oil Instead Of Dashboard Polish?

Yes, of course, you can. An alternative method is to use olive oil instead of polish.

Using chemical polishes can often damage the dashboard. But if you use olive oil, there is no possibility of any damage to the dashboard because olive oil is entirely chemical-free.

Many car enthusiasts clean their dashboards with olive oil and get great results. Olive oil makes car dashboards look shiny and protect the dashboard from dust.


We all admire beauty. The key to the beauty of a car’s interior is the dashboard. If your car’s dashboard looks clean and shiny, the passengers can feel comfortable. By now you are all equipped with how to clean Subaru Dashboard

Good luck to make your Subaru car dashboard as shiny as new!

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