How To Get Armor All Off Dashboard [5 Easy Methods!]

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Armor All, the commonly used product for shining and protecting a car’s dashboard, may sometimes cause unwanted marks or discoloration. This lowers the visual appeal of the vehicle.

So, how to get armor all off dashboard?

The Armor All can be removed from the dashboard using either white vinegar and dish soap or rubbing alcohol or applying an all-purpose cleaner. The residue can also be relieved by spraying WD-40 or baking soda. Good maintenance practices are required to prevent surface-related issues on the car dashboard.

These are not  complicated processes, and I’ve listed everything you need to know about these.. So keep reading on and gain more good insights. 

How To Remove Excess Armor All from Dashboard?

To eliminate an excessive amount of Armor All, you would require a robust cleaning agent or essential home made soap cleaning solution, depending on the surface type. Several methods exist, it usually requires some physical exertion during the scrubbing process. 

It is crucial to clean leather thoroughly by rinsing the surface with a damp cloth after using the cleaner and then allowing it to air dry.

Let’s find out more. 

Dashboard Surface TypeWhat To UseReason
Plastic & VinylWhite Vinegar & Dish SoapQuickly break up the greasy residue
LeatherAlchohol, Vinegar, Boiling Water, and Dish SoapDamage free application
WoodBaking SodaTo easily Cuts through grease

This chart outlines different dashboard surface types and the recommended cleaning solutions for each one. For surfaces made of plastic and vinyl, a mixture of white vinegar and dish soap is suggested as a quick and effective way to dissolve greasy buildup.

How to Remove Armor All From Plastic
Source: Leather Profy

When cleaning leather dashboard surfaces, a gentle cleaning agent like alcohol, vinegar, boiling water, or dish soap should be used to avoid causing harm to the delicate material. The methods are similar to the wet sanding with soap techniques for more precise surface cleaning.

In addition, baking soda is also a recommended cleaning solution for wood dashboard surfaces, as it can effectively penetrate and remove grease. 

Choosing the appropriate cleaning solution for each type of dashboard surface is essential to prevent damage and ensure thorough cleaning results.

To maintain your car’s appearance and remove Armor All effectively, it’s crucial to select the appropriate cleaning solution for each dashboard surface. 

Multiple approaches are available if you have already applied Armor All and need to eliminate it. Here are five methods to eliminate Armor All and recover your car’s original appearance.

5 Methods You Can Use To Remove Armor All

We have mentioned earlier that you can use various methods to effectively remove Armor All and restore the original look of your car. Here are 5 methods that you can use to remove Armor All from your car.

Method 1: White Vinegar and Dish Soap

Using white vinegar and dish soap is an easy and effective way to get armor all off your dashboard. If you have used Armor All on your car’s plastic and vinyl surfaces and find that it has left a greasy residue, there is an excellent way to help you break up the residue quickly and effectively.

Things Required:

To begin removing Armor All, you will need these:


This home-based solution works well. The steps work like this:

Step 1: Fill a container with 2 liters of warm water, 1/2 cup of white vinegar, and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Mix all of the components until the dishwashing liquid is completely blended in.

Step 2: Dip a microfiber cleaning cloth into the bucket, squeeze out any excess water, then use the material to wipe across the plastic car surfaces.

Step 3: Once the plastic car surfaces have been wiped down, use a towel to dry them. Be sure to completely dry the surfaces to prevent any water spots from appearing.

Step 4: Continue to use the microfiber cleaning cloth, re-dipping it into the cleaner when necessary to remove the Armor All residue.

Step 5: After air-drying plastic, inspect it to ensure that all Armor All has been removed. If you still notice any residue, repeat the cleaning process. 

Method 2: Rubbing Alchohol

Alcohol, particularly the denatured solutions for cars, can be used to remove Armor All from leather dashboards due to its low surface tension. This property allows it to penetrate and break down the Armor All. 

Also, the quick evaporation of alcohol leaves no residue, thus ensuring it won’t harm the leather.

Things Required:

To effectively remove Armor All from a leather dashboard, one will need a few things, such as:

  • A combination of mild soap solution,
  • Rubbing alcohol such as the Goof Professional Strength Remover, and a clean cloth. 
  • For any residual buildup, a brush may be used for scrubbing.


The process can be described in several steps: 

Step 1: Pour some rubbing alcohol onto the microfiber cleaning cloth. The amount of rubbing alcohol you use on the cloth depends on how big the area you need to clean. Begin with a minimal amount and add more if needed.

Step 2: Gently rub the surface of the leather with the cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Step 3: Wipe away the extra rubbing alcohol and Armor All with another dry microfiber cloth. Make sure you wipe away all excess residues. 

Step 4: Let the leather dry entirely before usage. Depending on the environment’s humidity level, this could require a few minutes to several hours.

Step 5: Condition the dried leather using a leather conditioner such as the Chemical Guys conditioner kit to revive and hydrate the textures. Let the conditioner or cleaner sit for a few minutes. This will help it penetrate the leather and provide a protective layer.

Method 3: Applying All-Purpose Cleaner

You can also employ any all-purpose cleaner around the house to remove Armor All from your leather. This all-purpose cleaner will help break apart the Armor All and make it simpler to eliminate. The process is similar to removing silicone from car paint, with the output being fully effective.

Applying All-Purpose Cleaner
Source: Motor1

Things Required:

You will require a few things, such as:

  • Pail of warm water 
  • A delicate material or wipe (damp cloth or sponge), 
  • An all-purpose cleaner, car wax, gloves, 
  • A perfect towel or cloth. 
  • Also, wear gloves to keep your hands secured while you work. 


Step 1: Begin by using a damp cloth or sponge to clean the dashboard. This will help remove dust or dirt and prevent the cleaner from spreading. 

Step 2: Work the cleaner into the surface using a cloth or sponge. Avoid contact with any electronic devices using a damp cloth when working on the car interior.

Step 3: Gently buff the dashboard with a fabric or sponge, using circular movements.

Step 4: Wipe the dashboard with a damp cloth to remove any remaining cleaner residue. For efficient removal of the protectant, utilizing a damp rag is necessary. This is because the rag will work to eliminate the protectant, not absorb it.

Step 5: Dry the dashboard with a clean cloth to prevent streaking. 

Method 4: Spraying WD-40

If you have WD-40 in your home, you can use it to eliminate Armor All from leather. Apply multiple layers of WD-40, which will break down the Armor All, making it easier to clean off.

Things Required:

You’ll need a few supplies to clean and condition leather items. This includes items such as:

  • A vacuum, 
  • A soft-bristled brush, 
  • A clean cloth, 
  • WD-40 
  • A leather cleaner or conditioner (optional). 

With these supplies, you can thoroughly clean and condition your leather items. The steps would go like these:


Step 1: First, vacuum the dashboard to remove any loose dirt and debris.

Step 2: Spray WD-40 onto the dashboard and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Removing Armor All from a surface is best to spray the cleaning agent directly onto that area without covering the entire surface in one go. 

Step 3: Take a soft-bristled brush and gently scrub the dashboard to remove the Armor All.

Step 4: Wipe the dashboard with a clean cloth to remove any remaining residue.

Step 5: This is an optional step. Apply a leather cleaner or conditioner to the dashboard to restore it to its original condition.

Method 5: Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective cleaning agent, used as a mild abrasive and natural deodorizer to help remove residue leftover from Armor All on plastic surfaces. The powdery substance helps to loosen the residue and absorb the oils, making it easier to remove the unwanted buildup.

Method 5 Baking Soda
Source: Way

Things Required:

To clean and protect the interior of your car, you will need these things:

  • Baking soda,
  • Water
  • A sponge or fabric, 
  • A vacuum cleaner, 
  • Safety gloves, and safety goggles.


Step 1: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from the car dashboard.

Step 2: In a pail, mix two parts baking soda and one part water to create a paste. The consistency of this paste would be thick and creamy, with a light grey or white color.

Step 3: Using a sponge or cloth, put the paste on the area with the Armor All and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Use a wet rag to remove any leftover paste and Armor All. Repeat this action until all the product is gone. 

Step 5: Finally, use a dry fabric to bring back the luster of the dashboard. Apply a car dashboard protectant such as Car Guys plastic restorer to help protect the dashboard from fading and cracking. 

CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer Bring Plastic, Rubber, and Vinyl Back to Life

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does Armor All damage the dashboard?

Armor All is generally considered safe on dashboards, as it is often used to make them look shiny and new. However, it is best to exercise caution when using it, as an overabundance of oil can attract dirt and dust.

Does vinegar remove stains from dashboards?

Vinegar can be beneficial for cleaning dashboards, as it is an effective natural cleaning agent. Mix some vinegar with water and gently scrub the dashboard with a soft cloth or sponge. Afterward, rinse the dashboard with a damp cloth for a thorough cleaning.

Can I use olive oil on my dashboard?

It is not recommended to utilize olive oil on your car dashboard. Due to its chemical composition, it can discolor the surface and leave a residue that can draw in dust and dirt. It is suggested to use a product specifically designed for cleaning car dashboards.


By now, you have understood how to get armor all off the dashboard. It is not a big deal; you will be happy when the process works for you. We hope you are successful with the job. 

It is time to leave; bye for now!

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