Hydrocharge Vs Hydroslick | Detailed Review: Know The Differences

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Car detailing products are available in a hundred different varieties on the market. You might find it difficult to choose one among these options. Hydrocharge and Hydroslick are two of them.

So, which one to pick Hydrocharge vs Hydroslick?  

Hydrocharge is a ceramic coating that comes in a sprayable liquid and can only be applied on base paints. Alternatively, with Hydroslick, you get better shine and smoothness through a suspension gel solution that is easy to apply. Both of them provide good chemical and heat resistance, along with UV protection. 

They differ in more ways than one. Continue reading to gain a comprehensive understanding of them.

Hydrocharge vs Hydroslick: An Quick Overview of Common Factors

HydroCharge and HydroSlick are both products from Chemical Guys that are designed to protect your car’s paint. Whereas, Chemical Guys’ Nonsense and Total Interior are made for interior polishing. 

In this section, we will shed light on the important factors in a comparative discussion of both products. 

Factors Hydrocharge Hydroslick 
IngredientsSilicon-dioxide nanotechnologySilicon-dioxide nanotechnology
Application AreaPainted surfacesPainted surfaces, glass headlights, chrome wheels
Application typeSprayable liquidSuspension gel
Application over existing coatingNot possible (Only apply on bare paints)Enhances the existing coating
Durability 12 months12 months
HydrophobicityGood Better 
Gloss and Smooth EnhancementGoodSuperior
Chemical and Heat ResistanceGood  Good  
UV ProtectionYes Yes 
Price (per 16 oz)$42 to $90$25 to $40


A Detailed Discussion of Differentiating Factors 

Now, it’s time to look into the differentiating factors in a detailed manner.

Factor 1: Ingredients

According to Chemical Guys, Hydrocharge and Hydroslick, both are made from SiO2 (silicon dioxide) nanotechnology.

Hydrocharge and Hydroslick
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Similar to Meguiars Final Inspection and Quick Detailer, they also contain water, aromatic substances, and hydrophobic polymers. Designed to protect the vehicle’s surface, these ingredients form a protective layer over the pores of the car’s paint. 

As a result, they provide long-lasting environmental protection and enhanced gloss and hydrophobic properties.

Winner: Both!

Factor 2: Application Area

Both products are suitable for painted surfaces, so they are ideal for protecting and enhancing your car’s paintwork.

HydroCharge is specifically designed for painted surfaces. On the other hand, HydroSlick extends its application beyond painted surfaces. But, both focus primarily on providing a protective layer and enhancing the shine of the paint. 

Hydrocharge repels water and offers long-lasting protection by creating a hydrophobic barrier. Both products can be applied to glass, headlights, and chrome wheels.

One advantage of Hydroslick is that it can be used to protect and enhance glass surfaces. In addition, it restores and enhances the appearance of headlights and it provides a smooth finish to chrome wheels.

Winner: Hydroslick

Factor 3: Application Type

HydroCharge is a sprayable liquid, whereas HydroSlick is a suspension gel. 

The sprayable nature of HydroCharge makes it easy and convenient to apply. On the other hand, Hydroslick’s gel-like consistency allows for a more controlled application.

Source: chemicalguys

Hydrocharge’s spray bottle allows you to evenly distribute the product over the desired surface. Whereas Hydroslick products come in containers that can be twisted or squeezed to dispense the amount you need.

Source: chemicalguys

Hydrocharge can cover a large area quickly and is sprayable directly onto the painted surface. But the gel-like texture ensures that Hydroslick adheres well to the surface. Also, it minimizes run-off and allows for precise application. Especially when targeting smaller surfaces or specific areas, it works fantastic. 

Winner: Both!

Factor 4: Application Over Existing Coating And Durability

Hydroslick enhances existing coatings, unlike HydroCharge, which cannot be applied over existing coatings. But both have a durability of 12 months. 

HydroCharge should be applied directly to the base paint surface and not over an existing coating. Meanwhile, Hydroslick enhances your vehicle’s existing coating. Make sure your basecoat gets an activator before application.

Hydroslick can be applied to ceramic coatings or sealants to enhance their aesthetics and protect them. In fact, Hydroslick enhances the hydrophobicity, gloss, and slickness of the existing coating, providing additional durability and shine. 

Winner: Hydroslick

Factor 5: Hydrophobicity

HydroCharge exhibits good hydrophobicity, while Hydroslick offers even better hydrophobicity.

HydroCharge provides a respectable level of hydrophobicity. The product forms a protective layer that repels water effectively once applied to the surface. Water beads up and rolls off the hydrophobic barrier, reducing water spots and enhancing the vehicle’s appearance.

On the other hand, Hydroslick takes hydrophobicity to a higher level. Water repellency is a key feature of this product. The hydrophobic coating forms when applied. That ensures water beads up and slides off with ease. Hydroslick’s enhanced hydrophobic properties minimize the likelihood of water spots by reducing water adherence.

Winner: Hydroslick

Factor 6: Gloss And Smooth Enhancement

HydroCharge offers good results in terms of gloss and smooth enhancement, while Hydroslick delivers superior results.

HydroCharge is formulated to enhance the gloss and smoothness of the treated surface. It improves the overall appearance by enhancing the glossiness of the surface, making it visually appealing. On the other hand, Hydroslick takes gloss and smoothness enhancement to a higher level.

Additionally, HydroCharge smooths out minor imperfections, resulting in a sleek, polished look. But, using Hydroslick enhances the glossiness of the surface, creating a mirror-like shine and a visually stunning finish.

It helps to reduce the appearance of swirls, and fine scratches. Then other minor imperfections, result in a remarkably smooth and flawless surface.

Winner: Hydroslick

Factor 7: Price

Hydrocharge is more expensive than Hydroslick. While Hydrocarge costs $42-$90, Hydroslick costs $25-$40 in the market. But the price may vary depending on the product variations and coating kits. 

As Hydroslick is slightly more affordable. You’ll get a versatile solution at this affordable price. On the other hand, Hydrocharge’s price may vary based on the buying kit. If you buy a Hydrocharge Plus Kit it’ll cost you $55 while the ceramic protection kit costs $90. 

Hydrocharge vs Hydroslick: Which One Is Better? 

There is no straightforward answer to this question. You need to consider your specific needs while picking one. 

If you are primarily looking for a product dedicated to painted surfaces, HydroCharge would be a suitable choice. Both offer versatile options for your car care since they can be used on glass, headlights, and chrome wheels.

When it comes to larger areas like car body panels, Hydrocharge is the perfect choice.  On the other hand, Hydroslick is ideal for applications on existing coating. 

Also, If you want to save your money Hydroslick is a better option for them. And who have no budget issues, you can go for Hydrocharge for better results.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Disadvantages of Ceramic Coating?

The ceramic coating contains a risk of scratches and water spots, higher costs compared to traditional methods. Also, it has the requirement for professional installation. Ceramic coatings offer multiple layers of liquid polymers and durable materials, but no coating can offer absolute protection.

Does Ceramic Coating Rust?

No, it doesn’t rust. Rather it helps to prevent rust. A ceramic coating acts as a scratch-resistant and water-repellent shield. It prevents water from reaching the metal surface and rust from forming. 

Can You Use HydroCharge on Plastic?

Yes, you can use Hydrocharge on plastic trim. But it’s not specially designed for plastic, but you can use it by patch testing before. As a result, any potential adverse effects, such as staining or damage, will be avoided. However, it is generally recommended to use a product specifically designed for plastic surfaces.


Now you know the difference between the two car detailing products Hydrocharge vs Hydroslick. 

Car enthusiasts can benefit from both HydroCharge and Hydroslick. Consider your specific needs, preferences, and application areas when deciding. Ultimately, HydroCharge and Hydroslick are both valuable products for protecting and enhancing your beloved car.

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