Meguiars 205 vs 210 | Detailed Review: Know the Differences!

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If you are a car enthusiast, you will be picky when choosing the polishing product. Even if you choose Meguiars as your brand, you may remain indecisive, between Meguiars 205 and 210.

So, what are the differences between Meguiars 205 vs 210? 

Meguiars 205 removes light swirls with restoring moderate gloss, paired with 105. Meanwhile, 210 words remove light DA haze or rotary swirls with restoring deep gloss, paired with 110. Meguiars 205 performs best on clear coats and glossy paints. In contrast, Meguiars 210 supports dark and sensitive paints the best. While the 210 is a bit expensive, the 205 will fit your tight budget.  

So without further ado, let’s jump on the article to get yourself enlightened. 

Meguiars 205 vs 210: A Quick Overview 

Meguiar’s 205 and 210 are both car polishes used for paint correction and finishing. 

Though they seem similar, still they lack horns in some aspects when comparing Meguiars ultimate compound vs M 105. Let’s have a quick look at the differences between them before going into more detail.

Factors Meguiars 205 Meguiars 210
Meguiars 205Meguiars 210
Purpose Removes light swirls, restores optimum glossRemoves light DA haze or rotary swirls, restores deep gloss
Abrasiveness HighSlightly low
Gloss and FinishModerateHigh
UsageAfter using M105After using M110
Ease of UseEasyEasy
Application method Hand, DA Polisher, Rotary BufferHand, DA Polisher, Rotary Buffer
Performance Best on glossy paints, even clear coatsBest on dark and sensitive paints

A Detailed Discussion of Differentiating Factors 

Now, it’s time to look into them in a long detailed manner. 

Factor 1: Purpose

Meguiar’s 205 removes light swirls from the surface while simultaneously restoring the optimum level of gloss. Meanwhile, Meguiar’s 210 removes light haze caused by dual-action (DA) polishers or swirls caused by rotary polishers. 

The 210’s primary function is to restore a deep level of gloss to the treated surface. Whereas the 205 leaves a smooth finish by allowing the polish to cut fast within fewer passes. So, you can use either of these two products for different polishing purposes.   

Winner: Both!

Factor 2: Abrasiveness

Meguiar’s 205 has a high level of abrasiveness, that makes it effective for removing light swirls. In comparison, Meguiar’s 210 has a slightly lower level of abrasiveness.  

Both Meguiar’s 205 and 210 have super micro abrasive technology that offers deeper cuts while polishing. However, the 205 has a deeper and faster cut than the 210, making it perfect for removing light swirls. 

But, in addition to tackling light DA haze and rotary swirls, the 210 restores deep gloss. It is still capable of effectively removing these imperfections. The slightly lower abrasiveness than 205 allows it for a more controlled and refined correction process.

Winner: Meguiar’s 210

Factor 3: Gloss and Finish 

Compared to Meguiar’s 205, Meguiar’s 210 provides a higher level of gloss and finish enhancement.

Meguiars 205

The 210’s formulation is specifically engineered to provide flawless results in sensitive points. 205 and 210 both offer super micro abrasive technology. But 210 provides a glossier and deeper finish without holograms or swirls. 

Winner: Meguiar’s 210

Factor 4: Usage

Meguiar’s 205 is best for using after Meguiar’s 105. On the other hand, Meguiar’s 210 is best for using after Meguiar’s 110.  

Due to the aggressive nature of M105, deeper swirls or scratches can be addressed if necessary by using 205 after. Thus, you can achieve a more comprehensive correction and enhance the overall finish. The duo can be a great alternative to Ziebart diamond gloss problems.

Similarly, for Meguiar’s 110, the suggested follow-up product is Meguiar’s 210. The 210 is designed to provide a finer level of polishing and gloss enhancement. By using 210 after 110, you can refine the finish even further. 

So, both Meguiar’s 205 and 210 have different usage but are similar in terms of usage period. 

Winner: Both!

Factor 5: Application Method

Both Meguiar’s 205 and Meguiar’s 210 present a versatile range of application methods, including Hand, DA Polisher, and Rotary Buffer

These products provide flexibility in how you choose to bring out the best in your vehicle’s finish. All the methods allow you to embark on a journey of transforming your vehicle’s appearance with confidence and ease. Also, they are easy to use. 

Winner: Both!

Factor 6: Performance 

Meguiar’s 205 excels in delivering exceptional results on glossy paints, and clear coats. On the other hand, Meguiar’s 210 shines when it comes to dark and sensitive paints. 

The 205 can be used to address if 3m damages the car paint. as well. Its formulation is designed specifically to address imperfections and enhance the overall appearance of glossy surfaces. So, if you’re dealing with minor swirls or scratches on your paint, Meguiar’s 205 is an excellent choice.

Alternatively, Meguiar’s 210 is formulated to provide optimal performance on these surfaces, ensuring a delicate yet effective approach to polishing. Paints in dark and sensitive points require special attention to avoid introducing any additional imperfections during the correction process. M210 can do this effectively. 

Winner: Both!

Factor 7: Price 

Meguiar’s 205 typically ranges in price from $37 to $40 for a 32oz bottle. Contrarily, Meguiar’s 210 has a slightly higher price range, typically ranging from $43 to $46 for a 32oz bottle. 

These price points reflect the value offered by the products in terms of their performance and versatility.

Actually, this price variation reflects the specialized formulation of Meguiar’s 210, specifically tailored for dark and sensitive paints. And its ability to remove light haze or swirls while providing a deep gloss finish.

So, Which One Is Better?

The answer to this question is quite tricky. Because both of them are good. You need to consider your needs and preferences while picking one. This is the same when choosing among Meguiars M100, M101, and M105

If you need high abrasiveness, Meguiar’s 205 provides a higher level of aggressiveness for more prominent imperfections. 

However, Meguiar’s 210 offers a more pronounced level of gloss enhancement. It is an excellent choice for achieving a stunning and reflective finish on the treated surface.

Moreover,  Meguiras 205 is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget, whereas 210 is likely to exceed it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Pad Should I Use with Meguiar’s M205?

The Buff and Shine Uro-Tec Yellow Polishing Pad is an exceptional pad you should use with Meguiar’s M205. This pad strikes the perfect balance between cutting power and finishing finesse. The pad exhibits sufficient cutting ability to effectively eliminate defects and compound swirls. 

What Are Fillers in Car Polishes?

Fillers are components incorporated into car polishes with the purpose of masking minor scratches and swirls on the paint surface. Their function is to create the illusion of a flawless, smooth finish without actually eliminating the scratches or swirls themselves. 

Which Meguiar’s Product Gives The Best Shine?

Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Paste Wax stands out as a top-tier Carnauba wax offering. This exceptional wax delivers a professional-looking finish with a remarkable high shine. Moreover, it is specifically formulated to be safe for use on clear coats and glossy paints. 


I hope you got a crystal-clean picture regarding Meguiars 205 vs 210

Both Meguiar’s 205 and Meguiar’s 210 offer unique advantages for different polishing needs. Think about your needs first before buying. Whichever you pick, you should follow the instruction given by the brand for acquiring optimal results or the body shop.

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