Meguiar’s M100 Vs M101 Vs M105: Which One to Choose?

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There is this ongoing debate on which Meguiars compound is better. Not a simple question to answer. They differ in many aspects. So, it’s for you to compare and decide.

Now you surely are disputing on which one to choose meguiar’s m100 vs m101 vs m105?

The quality of finish, cut, dusting, and working time are much better in M101. Also, the M101 one removes defects very well whereas M100 and M105 leave a minor haze. Along with that, their finish seemed to dry out as cakey whereas M101 offers a hydrated and high gloss finish. 

Not sure yet? Do not worry. Because in this guide, I have included a detailed comparison among the three compounds. So just keep on scrolling!

A Brief Comparison among M100, M101 and M105

Comparison Among Meguiar's M100 Vs M101 Vs M105

For your better understanding, we’ve provided this table. Here, we’ve included a quick snapshot for you to have a look at.

Factors M100M101M105
Meguiar's M100 Mirror Glaze Pro Speed CompoundMeguiar's Mirror Glaze 101 Professional Foam-Cut CompoundMeguiar's M10508 Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound
Working timeGoodExcellentModerate
CutGoodExcellentNot good
FinishTakes 4 to 5 passesTakes 2 passes on averageTakes 5 to 6 passes
DustingModerateLessToo much
Efficiency in Removing DefectsNot effective in removing 1200 grit sanding marksRemove less than 1200 grit and finer sanding marks effectivelyNot effective in removing 1200 grit sanding marks 

This table should help you do a quick reckoning at a glance. 

Deciding on which cutting or finishing compound to choose is very crucial.

The above factors determine which one among M100 vs M101 vs M105 is more effective. So, having a basic idea about them helps a lot.

An In-depth Comparison Among Meguiar’s M100 Vs M101 Vs M105

M100 and M105

You have already gone through the quick comparison. Now it is time to discuss them in depth.

Here we have discussed and compared factors like finish, working time, cut, dusting, effectiveness etc.

An in-depth discussion of every factor would help a lot in weighing down the options. 

Do not worry, it is just as simple as differentiating chemical guys nonsense and total interior

So just go through everything carefully to find out for yourself!


Finishing is another factor you need to keep in mind when buying any compound. 

In this case, M101 tends to give you  an excellent high gloss finish. 

The users of M100 and M105 complain about finishes that dry out as well as cake up most of the time. This does not occur in the case of M101.

Also, M100 and M105 seem to leave a minor haze. And this is more noticeable in M105.

M101, on the other hand, is an incredible correction compound or polish that solves this problem. No haze has been noticed after its application. 


M101 has an extensively faster rate of the cut as well as a more intense leveling action than M100 and M105. The cutting action of M101 is also much more controlled. It has a heavier cut as well. 

Now, Both M100 and M105 are effective in getting the work done.  

However, the M101 will probably let you get the job done quicker and more effectively. It will also improve the possibilities of you going remarkably far with cutting.

Working Time:

Working Time

One significant factor for a cutting compound is how long its working time is. The longer it is the better. 

In this case, M101 has a much longer working time. On the other hand, the M100 and M105 both had shorter working times. 

Many users reviewed it as being their personal favorite for use with a lower-powered DA and MF cutting pad. 

Because it is extremely safe to use and allows them to work longer. Longer than M100 or M105.

Dust Splatters:

Dusting is another issue to consider when buying a cutting compound. 

Although the cutting action of both the M100 and the M105 is quite good. However, many users complained about the excessive flashing and splatter during the process. The cleanup afterward was a lot of hassle and took a lot of time.

The dust platter was somewhat lesser in M100 than it was in M105, nonetheless, it is definitely there. 

M101 on the other hand does not have this issue of dust splatter at all. Little to no splatter is noticed and even if there is any, it wipes off really easily.

Efficiency in Removing Defects:

M101 is an ultra heavy cut compound. As mentioned before, the cut is much heavier than M100 and M105.

Swirls, oxidation, sanding lines, scratches, and pretty much anything else that detracts from the surface of your paint can be removed using this. We are not talking about wet sanding but harsh ones here. 

Meguiar’s M101 Foam Cut Compound, is intended to be applied with a foam cutting pad. This is in contrast to a conventional heavy cut compound, 

Because of this, Meguiar’s M101 is relatively simple to use. And also it produces a finish more commonly associated with polishes than compounds.

The other two lag behind in this case. 

M101 also does it all without scouring the finish, whereas the other two M100 and M105 leaves hazes. 

Users reviewed that the swirls and scratches were melting away very easily. Whereas the other two took comparatively much more effort. 

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Which One to Choose? 

So, I believe you have already gone through all the factors of different meguiar’s compounds. Now it is time to choose one.

If you ask for my recommendation, I say go for the M101.

As you have already read, finishing is one factor that as a buyer you need to keep in mind. And M101 gives an excellent high gloss finish. Far better than both M100 and M105. 

The finishes do not dry out or cake up as well. 

Along with that, cutting should be another crucial aspect that will determine most of your job success. M101 provides a way faster rate of cut and a more controlled levelling action than M100 and M105. 

In terms of working time, M101 offers a working time that is much longer than the other two. 

And as for the effectiveness in removing defects, again M101 has been ranking higher among users. 

Another reason why most users love M101 is that there is no dust splattering while cutting. This is one thing they complained about most when it came to the other two. That they had to go through a lot of hassle to clean the excessive splattering from the M100 and M105.

So, after assessing all the pros and cons, my recommendation would be the M101.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

How often should I polish my car?

Polishing your car once or maybe twice a year should be adequate. It will be enough to repair any minor dings or wear if you’re maintaining it well. You might have it polished more frequently if you find yourself having scrapes or stains on it frequently.

Is Meguiar’s worth it? 

Absolutely, yes. There is a good reason why so many upscale detailers keep using Meguiar’s products. They are effective, efficient, and reasonably priced. Even if their packaging and aromas are less appealing, they perform better than many goods that cost three times as much.

What buffing pad should I use for swirl marks?

Harsh swirls or oxidation on extremely hard paint can be peeled off using wool pads. They are extremely abrasive pads designed for cutting or heavy compounding. It generates less heat, making the surface cooler, and eliminates heavy oxidation considerably better than foam pads.

Wrapping Up

I Hope I have cleared your confusion about meguiar’s m100 vs m101 vs m105?

Now that you know all the aspects and can compare them. Consider all the options and then decide on the best one. You can always go for the one I suggested. If not, figure out which one suits your requirements and preferences.

That is all as of now. Have a terrific day!

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