Does 3M Tape Damage Car Paint? Answered!

does 3m tape damage car paint

3M tape is crucial in car detailing since it provides various important benefits and uses. It’s almost like a part and parcel of a car detailing. You’ll need it quite frequently.  However, you might be worried that it’ll damage the car. Don’t worry you’re not alone. You’re exactly where you need to be.  So does … Read more

Meguiars Ultimate Compound Vs M105: A Comparative Guide!

meguiars ultimate compound vs m105

When it comes to automotive paint correction, two popular options in the market are Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound and M105.  So, what are the differences between Meguiars Ultimate Compound vs M105? Meguir’s Ultimate Compound (UC) is less abrasive and produces less dust residue, a smoother finish in comparison to M105. UC is cheap, beginner-friendly, and used … Read more

How to Remove 2000 Grit Sanding Scratches

how to remove 2000 grit sanding scratches

Are you getting scratches on your car, despite taking all the necessary precautions? The situation is frustrating enough since it destroys the aesthetic beauty of your car.  So, how to remove 2000-grit sanding scratches?   You can remove 2000-grit sanding scratches through wet sanding. Prepare the surface by cleaning it thoroughly. Keep the area wet by … Read more

Can You Use Oxiclean on Microfiber Cloths?

can you use oxiclean on microfiber cloths

Through regular use, microfiber cloths are supposed to get dirty. In that case, there are so many options and Oxiclean.  But wait! Can you use Oxiclean on microfiber cloths?  Yes, you can use OxiClean for cleaning microfiber cloths. This is a safe-to-use laundry additive that will remove stains and not damage the fabric. The steps … Read more

4 Ziebart Diamond Gloss Problems [With Solutions!]

ziebart diamond gloss problems

The Ziebart Diamond Gloss coating system has yet to meet expectations lately, and some problems have emerged. A few frustrations can be experienced while using this, but the solution is simple.  So, what are the common Ziebart Diamond Gloss Problems? Ziebart Diamond Gloss has drawbacks, such as longer application time and incompatibility with many chemicals. … Read more