What is Universal Car Wash Code? [5 Benefits Explored!]

universal car wash code

The world is increasingly becoming universal in every industry, and the car wash business isn’t left behind. Innovations and technological advancements have driven the development of the Universal Car Wash Code.  But what is the Universal Car Wash Code? The universal car wash code enables customers to access different car wash services with a unique … Read more

What Tint to Put Over Factory Tint?[Choosing the Right One]

what tint to put over factory tint

Tinted windows have become increasingly popular among car owners due to their numerous benefits from harmful UV rays. Many vehicles come with factory-tinted windows, which provide a basic level of tint.  However, you may wonder what tint to put over factory tint. To get the most benefit, put aftermarket window film over factory tint. Using … Read more

Will a YJ Hardtop Fit a TJ?Compatibility and Considerations

will a yj hardtop fit a tj

When considering the compatibility between a YJ hardtop and a TJ Wrangler, it’s important to understand the key differences between these Jeep generations. These differences include variations in windshield design and overall dimensions. So, Will a YJ Hardtop fit a TJ? Generally, a YJ hardtop cannot fit a TJ model without modifications to the windshield … Read more

Stek Dynoshield vs Xpel: What to Choose?

stek dynoshield vs xpel

When it comes to choosing paint protection films, Stek Dynoshield and Xpel are two famous names.  So, what are the differences between Stek Dynoshield vs Xpel? Xpel Ultimate Plus offers moderate gloss and clarity, while Stek Dynoshield provides high gloss and clarity. Stek Dynoshield’s adhesive ability can be described as a balanced adhesion. On the … Read more

Suction Cup Melted on Windshield: Easy Fixes!

suction cup melted on windshield

When a suction cup becomes melted onto a windshield, it can present a challenging situation. Address this issue immediately to restore the integrity of the specific windshield.  So, how to remove the suction cup melted on windshield?  A suction cup can melt if it is exposed to too much heat. Rubbing alcohol is an easy … Read more