5 Reasons Why Microfiber Towels Leaving Fibers on Glass | Detailed Review

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Having clean car surfaces is not a luxury, they are a necessity. While microfiber towels are a good choice for many in cleaning car surfaces, these towels can also cause problems. One of them is leaving fibers behind.

So, why are microfiber towels leaving fibers on glass

Using a microfiber towel that is old or of low quality can leave fibers on the glass after cleaning. Replace the old towel with a high-quality one that is only designed for cleaning surfaces. In addition, if you wash the towel incorrectly, the problem will occur. Always make sure to wash the towel with a good detergent.


That’s not all. There are more causes behind happening this. So stick with the article to know all of them with respective solutions. 

Why Microfiber Towels Leaving Fibers on Glass

People often experience that microfiber towels leave fiber on the glass after cleaning. So, before getting into a deep discussion, let’s have a look at the reasons and solutions to this issue.  


  • Improper washing of microfiber towel
  • Using old one
  • Low-quality microfiber towel
  • Incorrect technique
  • Using fabric softener


  • Wash it with detergent
  • Replace with a new one
  • Ensure a high-quality microfiber towel
  • Use the correct technique
  • Avoid using fabric softener

Now, it’s time to have an intensive discussion regarding the causes and the solutions. 

Cause 1: Improper Washing of Microfiber Towel

The first significant reason is not washing the microfiber towel properly. Microfiber towels are made of very fine fibers that are designed to trap dirt and debris. 

However, these fibers can also be left behind on glass surfaces. Especially if the towel is not properly cleaned or dried. Then, if you dry the towel in a dryer, it can build up static electricity. 

This static charge can attract and hold loose fibers, making them more likely to transfer to glass. Also, rubbing or twisting vigorously during drying can cause loose fibers to be released. 

It is possible for these fibers to cling to the glass. Also, the surface can get scratched when you want to remove those rubbing compounds that won’t come off.


To prevent the shedding of fibers from microfiber towels, it is crucial to wash them correctly. Follow these steps:

  • Use a special detergent designed for microfiber or opt for a detergent with minimal additives. Avoid fabric softeners or bleach, as they can negatively affect the microfiber’s performance.
  • Wash microfiber towels separately from other laundry items to prevent lint and debris from transferring onto them.
  • Then, dry the towels in the dryer on low heat. This will help to remove any residual detergent or fabric softener.

Cause 2: Using the Old One

Microfiber towels can leave fibers on glass regardless of how old they are. However, the older the towel, the more likely it is to leave fibers behind. As the fibers in the towel fray or damage over time, they are more likely to shed.

Also, a degraded towel can damage the surface like an oven cleaner on a plastic surface.


It’s time to replace your towel if you notice it’s shedding fibers. Regularly check your microfiber towels for signs of wear and tear. 

A frayed or damaged fiber may be time to replace it with a new one to prevent excessive shedding.

check your microfiber towels
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Cause 3: Low-Quality Microfiber Towel

This is another leading reason is using low-quality microfiber towels. Lower-quality microfiber towels may shed fibers more easily, especially during the drying process. These loose fibers can then transfer onto the glass, leading to a fiber residue.


To minimize the risk of fibers being left behind, it is recommended to choose high-quality microfiber towels. The towel should be specifically designed for cleaning glass surfaces. 

For example, you can use Chemical Guys Premium Microfiber, Griot’s Garage Microfiber Edgeless Towels, or Meguiar’s X2025 Supreme Shine. Microfiber towels with waffle weave are highly recommended for cleaning automotive windows. 

Over time, these towels retain their integrity and minimize shedding. A high-quality microfiber towel is a great companion when you want to wash your car in your driveway.

Cause 4: Incorrect Technique

When excessive pressure is applied to the microfiber cloth, the fibers can loosen and break. There will then be a visible residue left behind from the loose fibers.

If you wipe the microfiber cloth with a rough or abrasive motion, the fibers may dislodge and scatter. A fiber residue can then form when loose fibers cling to surfaces.


To avoid excessive agitation, wipe or scrub with moderate pressure and smooth, controlled motions. There are simple ways to remove fibers from glass surfaces after cleaning. 

The fibers can be removed with a lint roller or a soft bristle brush. With the soft bristle brush or lint roller, gently roll the fibers across the glass surface.

Using Fabric Softeners 
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Cause 5: Using Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners can create a coating on the fibers of microfiber towels. These softeners diminish their cleaning effectiveness and increase the likelihood of shedding fibers. 

When washing microfiber towels, fabric softeners can leave fabric residue on glass surfaces. Fabric softeners leave a residue on fabrics to make them feel softer. 

Microfiber towels can transfer the residue left behind by these softeners onto the glass. On glass surfaces, this residue can appear as streaks or smudges.


So, to wash microfiber towels, use mild detergents. But, excessive amounts of detergent should be avoided. After that, thoroughly rinse the microfiber towels and sundry them.

You can use 3D Towel Kleen, P&S Rags to Riches, or Micro Restore. These are specially made for automotive microfiber towels. 

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Tips for Using Microfiber Towels Properly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Causes Streaks on Glass?

The evaporation rate plays a crucial role in making streaks on the glass. The cleaning solution will leave a visible mark if it evaporates too quickly. Vinegar usually evaporates faster than cleaners containing alcohol or ammonia. 

How Do You Fix Haze on Glass?

Dab a small amount of distilled white vinegar onto the cloudy glass. Gently rub a small section using a microfiber cloth. Once the glass is dry, check if the area appears clear. However, if the cloudiness persists, it indicates permanent etching of the glass. 

Is It Possible to Remove Scratches from Car Glasses?

Yes, you can. To remove scratches, opt for white toothpaste containing baking soda. Rub toothpaste gently in a circular motion over the scratched area. If necessary, repeat the process. Then wipe away any excess toothpaste with a damp cloth. 


Hopefully, you got to know the answer to why microfiber towels leave fibers on glass

Make sure to choose towels designed for glass cleaning, avoid fabric softeners, and follow the care instructions. You won’t have to worry about fiber residue on your glass when you take the measures described above.

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