Flex Vs Festool: Choosing the Best Tool for Your Car Detailing!

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Car detailing can be quite a headache for both enthusiasts and professionals. Especially if you can’t decide between great products offered by brands like Flex and Flestools.

You might be thinking, “What’s so different about Flex Vs Festool?”

Flex offers very simplistic and easy-to-use products compared to Flestools’ high-end engineering and advanced tools. Because of the advanced features provided by Flestool, the prices are generally higher than Flex. Flestool also provides users with a unique and wide collection of products for car detailing and polishing. 

Before you start thinking that Flestool is better than Flex, some detailed comparison is necessary. So, take a deep breath, sit tight, and follow through with this article to get more insights on Flex and Festool!

Overview of the Two Brands: Flex Vs Festool!

Flex is a German brand that specializes in power tools for the automotive industry, while Festool is a Swiss brand that produces a wide range of power tools for various industries including woodworking, painting, and construction.

Flex XFE15 150 CordlessFestool 201531 Cordless
Quality Average to GoodPremium & High-end
PerformanceDecent performancePrecisely-engineered 
Availability Easy to access and available in most localitiesHard to find and available via online marketplaces
ComfortBulky to moderate weightLightweight compared to competitors
Warranty period1 year on average2-3 years on average

Now, let’s not dwell too much on the surface levels and dive deeper into finer details (pun intended)!

Detailed Comparison of Flex & Festool

Are you eager to know more about the standings of Flex and Festool? Well, go through the discussion down below and you’ll surely be ready to make a concise decision!

Brand Value:

Flex and Festool Brand Value
Source: autogeekonline.net

If we were to talk about the market value of these two brands, then Festool definitely has zero marketing game in the field. The reason I’m saying that is because even though they are extremely popular with professionals, they almost never offer discounts!

Flestool knows quite well that they are a name to be reckoned with and move forward with that. However, the same can’t be said for Flex tools!

Flex is known for its powerful and performance-based marketing. As Chevron is the current owner, you can guess they have tons of capital available to boost sales with innovative marketing. So, Flex tools are legit at their given price points. 

Still, if you prefer extreme quality, there are very few competitions for Festool.

Summary: While Festool does not spend much on marketing, they are the dominator in terms of brand value and market cap.

Quality and Performance:

Quality and Performance

If we were to talk about the quality of both brands, definitely Flestool comes up at the top. However, Flex tools are not bad by any means. Because there are great Flex products to get as well.

Let’s compare the Flex XFE15 150 Cordless and Festool 201531 Cordless Eccentric Sander.

Both of these products are great at their price points. Flex XFE15 is completely wireless and comes with bundled battery packs. It also features a 15 mm throw allowing extensive and all-around paint correction. 

Comparing ElementsFlex XFE15 150 CordlessFestool 201531 Cordless Eccentric Sander
Flex XFE15 150 CordlessFestool 201531 Cordless
Product weight4.62 lbs (2.1 kg)‎6.48 lbs (2.9 kg)
Battery capacity2.5 / 5.0 / 8.0 Ah3.1 Ah
Battery voltage18V18V
Speed range2,300 – 3,800 rpm6,000 – 10,000 rpm

On the other hand, Festool 201531 Cordless offers a premium build with antistatic function and durable protectors. It has a powerful 3.1 Ah 18 V Bluetooth Ergo battery pack that can easily last longer than its charging time. 

Another great thing about the Festool 201531 cordless is the jetstream technology which offers 30% more service life. On top of that, the feel of Flestool products definitely can be understood once you hold it in your hands. 

But rest assured as both of these products can easily clear the rubbing compound that won’t come off easily!

Summary: Flex offers good regular day-to-day use polishing products but Festool has better quality, performance & durability.

Features and Functionality:

Festool tools
Source: toolsforworkingwood.com

For car polishing and detailing, Flex tools are easy to get into because of their simplicity and user-friendly designs. They are often more simple and beginner-friendly. If someone new gets into car detailing, it’s best to go with Flex tools.

On the other hand, Festool tools often have unique features that make them stand out from the competition. The tools are often more versatile, with a wider range of accessories. Moreover, add-ons can be used to customize the tool for specific tasks or applications.

However, what Flestool lacks is the ecosystem of complementary products that Flex tools offer. Flex tools definitely offer polishers, car vacuums similar to Festool but they also offer polishes, polishing pads, and more. So, removing silicone from car paint is even a long ask for Flex tools

If someone wishes to get everything from the same brand, then Flex moves ahead in the race. So, that’s definitely a strong suit for Flex compared to Festool.

Summary: Festool offers both form and function while Flex is a more all-around ecosystem for car polishing and detailing.

Availability and Access:

Flex tools are more widely available than Festool tools. There are tons of local dealers, online retailers, and availability on the marketplace for Flex tools. 

Those who need a tool in areas without easy access to specialty tool stores won’t face problems finding Flex tools. So, you don’t need to think too much about what to use after wax because you’ll find a bunch of offerings from Flex tools.

On the other hand, Festool may be harder to find in some areas, but can often be purchased online or through specialty dealerships. Another thing about Festool is the hefty price point which can be difficult for every dealer to stock up.

So, anyone who wants to pick up something without searching too much can go for Flex tools. They are easier to find, simple, and widely available in most tool shops. However, you have to look for a bit if you want to purchase Festool items.

Summary: Flex tools have better availability in both offline and online retailers. Festool is harder to find in most regions.

Price and Affordability:

As you can probably understand from discussions so far, Flex tools are both simple and affordable. It’s very rare to spend tons of cash to get high-end polishers, or car vacuums if you don’t use them too often.

So, if you want to get into car polishing or detailing as a newcomer, it’s best to go for Flex tools. The general price for Flex rotary polishers starts from sub $150 and goes up to $500 in some cases. 

While Flex can be a great option for beginners, professionals definitely want to taste that exclusivity with every polish. For those who want the best of the best, Festool is unbeatable. But again, for the premium feel, you have to pay more.

The price for Festool sanders and polishers starts above $200 and can go up to almost a thousand bucks! I know it’s quite insane but that’s just how you know that you have something extremely unique!

Summary: For beginners, Flex tools are better as they are more affordable. However, if the price is not an issue, Festool is utterly undisputed.

Customer Support and Warranty:

As you’re paying a premium price for Festool, you definitely get better after-sales service from them. 

In terms of customer support, Festool has a reputation for providing excellent service, with a comprehensive warranty program.  On top of that, the brand has a dedicated team of technicians to assist with repairs and maintenance.

customer support

When Flex is the subject of customer support, then they also offer good after-sales service. However, their warranty program is not as solid as Festool’s. In most cases, the average warranty period for Flex polishers is around 1 year.

However, Festool can offer up to 3 years of manufacturer warranty for similar categories of products. So, if you want to be cautious, Festool is clearly a welcoming choice for professionals.

Summary: Festool offers better customer service with a better warranty program, and quicker repair & maintenance. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the Festool vacuum worth the money?

Yes, the Festool vacuum is definitely worth the money considering its premium performance and high-end engineering. The tools offer better dust collection, reduced noise levels, and precise performance which make up for the extra money paid.

Are Flex Tools made by Milwaukee?

No, Flex tools are manufactured by FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH, a German company owned by Chervon. The parent company, Chevron is a popular Chinese tools manufacturer that also owns the brands Ego & Skil.

Is Festool warranty transferable?

Yes, the warranty of Festool is transferable and you can directly get it done. However, the transferable warranty is only covered in the USA region. Other regions may have some conditions applied to them


To summarize everything, you really have to think hard to decide between Flex vs Festool. Depending on your requirements, you can choose either one of them and leave any regrets behind.

Whatever brand you end up choosing, make sure to follow proper caution before polishing your car. Because even the best tools can’t guarantee that they are harmless. So, be careful and make your car shine!

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