Meguiars Ultimate Compound Vs M105: A Comparative Guide!

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When it comes to automotive paint correction, two popular options in the market are Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound and M105. 

So, what are the differences between Meguiars Ultimate Compound vs M105?

Meguir’s Ultimate Compound (UC) is less abrasive and produces less dust residue, a smoother finish in comparison to M105. UC is cheap, beginner-friendly, and used for minimal swirls, and light scratches on every kind of paint. Meanwhile, M105 is expensive, requires expertise to use, and is used for deep scratches on harder paints.

The differences between them are significant. You can learn all of them by reading the article in its entirety.  

Meguiars Ultimate Compound VS M105: A Quick Overview 

Meguiars has designed both Ultimate Compound and M105 for correcting and restoring car paint. In this section, we will get a glimpse of those differentiating factors. 

Factors Ultimate Compound M105
ultimate compoundM105
Use CaseLight scratch, minor swirl marks, and oxidationDeep scratch, heavy swirl marks, and oxidation
FinishingNarrow & SmoothDeeper but rough
Compatibility Can be used for any kind of paint(suitable for dual-action polishers).Can be used for any kind of paint(designed for rotary polishers)
Ease of UseSuitable for beginnersRequires more expertise
Residue and DustingLessMore
ToolHands, DA polisherDA polisher, Rotary buffers


A Detailed Discussion of The Differentiating Factors

A detailed discussion will help you to know which one would be best for whom. Let’s proceed to the discussion.

Factor 1: Abrasiveness

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound utilizes precision-milled micro-abrasives to effectively remove imperfections and achieve a clear, swirl-free finish. Whereas, M105 utilizes super-micro abrasive technology combined with lubricants to achieve exceptional finishing results.

Meguiar's Ultimate Compound
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The Ultimate Compound offers fast cutting abilities comparable to harsh abrasive compounds. But without the risk of scratching, even on clear coat finishes. So, it is a handy tool when repairing Cerakote clear coat problems.

But, Meguiar’s M105  is a highly abrasive compound designed specifically for removing heavy paint defects.

Winner: M105

Factor 2: Use Case

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound is typically employed for addressing light scratches, minor swirl marks, and oxidation issues. But M105 is designed for more severe paint imperfections, such as deep scratches, heavy swirl marks, and pronounced oxidation. 

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound can effectively remove light to moderate paint defects. A balanced combination of cutting power and finishing capability ensures satisfactory results in both areas.

Contrarily, M105 is designed to remove defects such as 1200-grit sanding marks, scratches, acid rain etching, swirls, and holograms. Particularly effective when dealing with hard paint surfaces or pronounced imperfections. 

You can also use M105 to fix cloudy paints from car magnets. So, the use of one of the two depends on your case. 

Winner: Both!

Factor 3: Finishing

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound achieves a smooth, glossy finish with a well-balanced combination of cutting power and finesse. Whereas, M105 provides a deeper cut, but leaves a noticeable haze or marring on the paint surface.

The haze can be eliminated by following up with a finer polish, leading to a high-gloss finish. On the other hand, a finer polish of the Ultimate Compound can be used to further enhance the shine. 

Winner: Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

Factor 4: Compatibility

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound can be used for various surfaces like clear coats and base paints. On the other hand, Meguiar’s M105 is specifically designed for use on base paint and harder paint surfaces.

Both are compatible with all types of paint surfaces. But the Ultimate Compound offers the flexibility of being compatible with both dual-action (DA) polishers and hand applications.

Whereas, M105 is primarily formulated for use with rotary polishers. But it can also be utilized with DA polishers or applied by hand. 

For achieving a high-gloss finish, both compounds can be followed up with a finer polish, such as Meguiar’s M205. 

Winner: Both!

Factor 5: Ease of Use

Ultimate Compound has been designed to be suitable for beginners as it can be easily applied by hand. On the other hand, Meguiar’s M105 requires a higher level of expertise.

Users of the Ultimate Compound can achieve satisfactory results without advanced equipment or techniques. After Meguiar’s m100, m101, and m105, their Ultimate Compound is the latest product in the market.

But, the M105 is best utilized by experienced individuals who are familiar with the intricacies of paint correction. To achieve optimal results, proper technique and an understanding of the product’s behavior are essential. 

Winner: Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

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Factor 6: Residue And Dusting

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound generates significantly less dust compared to M105 during the application. In contrast, M105 has a tendency to generate more dust when used.

So, Ultimate Compound allows a cleaner work environment. Also, it doesn’t leave behind a tacky residue that is difficult to wipe off. But for M105, further polishing may be necessary to remove a visible haze or mar from the paint surface. 

However, M105 can be effectively followed up with a finer polish. That enables users to eliminate the haze and attain a high-gloss, professional-grade result.

Winner: Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

Factor 7: Price 

According to the official website of Meguiars, M105 is more expensive than Ultimate Compound. As of July 2023, Meguiar’s UC costs $0.97 per Fl Oz whereas M105 costs $1.04 per Fl Oz.

However, it’s important to note that prices may vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions or discounts. Also, the price can change depending on the time of the year. 

So, Which One Is Better? 

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. Your needs and preference should be considered first when choosing one for paint correction

However, if you require a higher abrasiveness, you are good to go with M105. Also, it performs well for deep scratches and heavy swirls. But if your scratches are light and need moderate abrasiveness, you must go for Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound. 

Again, if you need a deeper cut, M105 is the holy grail but it gives a rough finish. For an excellent and smooth finish, choose the Ultimate Compound, but remember it doesn’t provide deep cutting like M105.

Moreover, if you want to save some pennies and do not have the expertise, you should pick Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound. But people with more expertise and no budget issues should go for Meguiars M105. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Meguiar’s M105 Have Fillers?

No, Meguiar’s M105 have no fillers. However, it does leave behind polishing oils that have the potential to mask remaining defects if not thoroughly removed. It is important to acknowledge that fillers have their limitations and cannot completely conceal defects. 

What to Use After Meguiar’s M105?

After using Meguiar’s M105, you should use Meguiar’s M205 Ultra Finishing Polish. That is formulated with the same super-micro abrasive technology as M105. Providing a deep gloss and eliminating any slight hazing, it serves as an ideal follow-up to M105.

Do Meguiars Ultimate Compounds Work on Glass?

Yes, Meguiars Ultimate Compound works on glass beautifully to remove water spots. Water spots and light defects can be effectively removed from glass using this product. You should just apply the compound and gently work it in before wiping it off.


Hopefully, a clear vision has been portrayed in the article regarding Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound vs M105.

Both of the products serve different purposes and cater to different needs in the realm of automotive paint correction. Always consider your needs and preferences before choosing the right one.

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