Flex XCE 10-8 125 vs 3401: Which is Better?

flex xce 10-8 125 vs 3401

Choosing a machine polisher can be difficult, especially if this is your first time. Both the Flex XCE 10-8-125 and the XC 3401 have established themselves as high-performing products since their introduction to the market. So the question is, Flex XCE 10-8-125 or 3401 which is a better machine polisher? The speed range and cable … Read more

Denatured Alcohol Car: A Proper Guide to Using on Car Paint!

denatured alcohol car

Keeping a car glossy and polished is the ultimate satisfaction. But grease, dust, tree sap, and other contaminants can bother you. Sometimes you become impatient to clean all of those unwanted things.  As a concern of your issue, today I’ll discuss denatured alcohol cars.  Due to the chemical, Methanol, denatured alcohol is not recommended to … Read more

Chemical Guys Innerclean Vs Total Interior: Which One Is Better!

chemical guys innerclean vs total interior

Who doesn’t want to have clean, contamination-free car surfaces? It’s really irritating when any part of your car gets contaminated. The main concern arises when you have the market flooded with various car cleaning products.  As a result of that concern, you may suffer from indecisiveness about which one to pick between Chemical Guys Innerclean … Read more