Sud Factory vs Chemical Guys

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Sud Factory and Chemical Guys are both automotive detailing brands that have several high-quality products. But one of them may be better than the other.

So, between Sud Factory vs Chemical Guys, which one is the better brand?

Chemical Guys are undoubtedly the better auto detailing brand of these two. The Chemical Guys has been in the business for over 50 years and have an extensive range of products and excellent customer service. On the other hand, Sud Factory has a limited number of products, lesser availability, and poor customer service.

In this article, we will explore the differences between these two brands as well as their most popular products.  

Sud Factory vs Chemical Guys: Brand Overview

Before we dive in to see which reigns over which, let’s take a glance at their brand value.

FactorsChemical GuysSud Factory
Cleaning StrengthSud Factory
PerformanceProvides high-quality products that perform wellProvides high-quality products that perform well
PopularityMore popular Not so popular
AffordabilityOffers affordable productsOffers affordable products
Versatility Offers versatile productsOffers limited products
Value for moneyProvides good valueProvides good value
Customer serviceGreat customer servicePoor customer service

These brands are also similar to other popular car detailing chains, like Meguiars and Mothers. These brands have more things in common than differences. 


When it comes to performance, both brands offer effective and efficient products.

Sud Factory’s products are designed to provide superior cleaning and protection for your car’s exterior and interior surfaces. These products are known for their ease of use, making them a popular choice among car enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Sud Factory
Source: Sud Factory

On the other end, Chemical Guys have been offering high-quality car care products for over 50 years. Chemical Guys have gained a deep understanding of their customer’s needs and preferences through a long-standing presence in the market. They offer a wide range of products tailored to meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Winner: Tie


Between Sud Factory and Chemical Guys, the latter is more popular among car detailers. This could partly be because they have been in the business for longer than Sud Factory. Additionally, Chemical Guys have a wider range of products and a more extensive distribution network than Sud Factory, which has contributed to its popularity.

Sud Factory and Chemical Guys
Source: Mopar

Also, Chemical Guys is known for its marketing and branding efforts, which have raised awareness of the brand and its products among car enthusiasts and professionals. In addition to online tutorials and reviews, Chemical Guys have an active social media presence. On the contrary, Sud Factory mostly does its marketing through sponsored ads on various social media.

The availability of Chemical Guys’ products may also contribute to its popularity. Chemical Guys have stores or retailers all over the US, and their products are widely available online on every e-commerce platform. Sud Factory, on the other hand, only has one shop in the USA and operates from its official website.

All the products Sud Factory offers are under $120; their products are pretty cheap. On the other hand, Chemical Guys’ products range up to 500 dollars, which is justified because they offer varieties of products compared to Sud Factory.

Winner: Chemical Guys


In terms of affordability, both brands offer their products at reasonable prices.

Sud Factory offers a range of high-quality car care products that are priced affordable, with all products priced under $120. While Sud Factory’s product line is more limited compared to Chemical Guys, they still offer effective products that are designed to provide excellent cleaning and protection for your car’s exterior and interior surfaces.

Chemical Guys, on the other hand, offers a larger range of products, including specialized formulations and accessories for specific detailing tasks. Because of this, Chemical Guys has a more extensive product line and offers $500-plus products. It may seem costly, but these products often provide superior performance and added benefits. 

Winner: Tie


Having an extensive range of products, Chemical Guys provides more versatility than Sud Factory.

There are approximately 40 automotive detailing products available from Sud Factory. These include water spot removers, surface protectors, ceramic coatings, interior and exterior cleaners, detailers, wax and sealants, and degreasers.

On the other hand, Chemical Guys have a vast range of products, catering to every need of a car detailer. Apart from the basic cleaning products, Chemical Guys have their own line of accessories, vacuums, dryers, and blowers.

Winner: Chemical Guys

Value for Money:

When it comes to value for money, both Sud Factory and Chemical Guys offer affordable and effective car care products that provide excellent value for the price.

Sud Factory products are priced affordably, with all products under $120. Their products are formulated with advanced technology and high-quality ingredients, providing effective cleaning and protection for your vehicle. Sud Factory’s products are also designed to be easy to use, making them a popular choice among car enthusiasts and professionals.

Chemical Guys offer specialized formulations and accessories at different prices. While some of Chemical Guys’ products are priced higher than Sud Factory’s, they often justify their higher cost with their superior performance and added benefits, such as longer-lasting protection or specialized formulations for unique detailing needs. 

Winner: Tie

Customer Service: 

Chemical Guys have better customer service compared to Sud Factory, even though Chemical Guys have more stores and business.

Car detailers have loved the service of Chemical Guys’ representatives even though they did not particularly like the product. On the contrary, some users have reported that Sud Factory did not comply with their return and refund policy. 

Also, Sud Factory gets a lot of complaints about its products and services.  

Winner: Chemical Guys

Sud Factory vs Chemical Guys: Products Overview

Now that we have a basic understanding of the two brands, let’s compare their top products in different sectors.

Product TypeWho Has the Better Product
Water Spot RemoverSud Factory’s Spotless X2
Surface ProtectionChemical Guys’ JetSeal
Interior and Exterior CleanerChemical Guys’ Nonsense

Water Spot Remover:

Sud Factory’s “Spotless X2” is a better water spot remover compared to Chemical Guys’ “Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover”. That’s because Spotless X2 is a multi-purpose water spot remover that works on any surface.

Sud Factory’s Spotless X2 is formulated to penetrate deep into the stains and contamination build-up to remove them permanently. It is also quick and easy to use, requiring no machines, just a cloth to remove years of water spots. This product is unique in that it is designed to be effective on all glass surfaces, not just automotive surfaces.

Water Spot Remover 1
Water Spot Remover 2

Chemical Guys’ Water Spot Remover removes water spots and buildup from paint, glass, and metal surfaces by neutralizing alkaline stains with a mild acid. In addition to removing water spots permanently and quickly, this product prepares the surface for wax protection against future spots and restores a glass smooth finish on glossy surfaces.

In summary, both products are effective at removing water spots and mineral deposits from various surfaces. However, Sud Factory’s Spotless X2 is unique because it is designed for all glass surfaces and is extremely affordable. 

Winner: Sud Factory’s X2 Spotless

Surface Protection:

JetSeal by Chemical Guys and Sud Factory’s SFX1 Instant Nano Ceramic Gloss Coating both offer high-quality protection against water spots, UV rays, bird droppings, and other contaminants.

JetSeal is a long-lasting paint sealant that uses aerospace technology to protect against harsh elements, enhance shine, and provide durable protection for up to one year. Its highly-refined synthetic nano-tech polymers bond directly to the surface, creating a strong shield against water spots, contamination, road grime, and UV sunlight.

Surface Protection
Sud Factory's SFX1

You can enhance glossiness, restore paint color depth, and protect against water spots, paint fading, rust, and bug acid spots with SFX1 Instant Nano Ceramic Gloss Coating. With sheeting and beading effects, it repels water, offers UV fading protection, and mild chemical resistance, and hides scratches and swirls. It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

According to their unique properties, JetSeal is the better choice as it can protect your vehicle from extreme weather and temperature. Conversely, SFX1 enhances the paint finish.

Winner: Chemical Guys’ JetSeal

Interior and Exterior Cleaner:

Sud Factory ELIXIR and Nonsense are both all-purpose cleaners that can be used to remove dirt, grease, and stains from various surfaces. However, they differ in their formulation and intended use.

ELIXIR is a heavy-duty water-based formula designed for tougher cleaning jobs. It breaks down even the most stubborn oils and grease build ups using a proprietary blend of degreasing and detergent agents. With a citrus scent, it is safe to use on vinyl, rubber, leather, fabric, plastic, and engine bays.

Sud Factory ELIXIR and Nonsense

With Nonsense, you can get a super cleaner that is invisible, colorless, and odorless, yet still effective against dirt and stains. It is pH-balanced and does not leave behind any chemical residue, color, or odor. Nonsense uses transparent cleaning technology to break down coffee, grease, wine, pet, and food stains in seconds. It is ideal for simplifying your car care arsenal and deep cleaning filthy surfaces. It can even clean fingerprints that won’t come off.

In summary, ELIXIR is best suited for heavy-duty cleaning jobs, while Nonsense is ideal for delicate surfaces and a wide range of cleaning tasks.

Winner: Chemical Guys’ Nonsense


Chemical Guys P40 and Sud Factory GOLD are both quick detail sprays designed to enhance the gloss and shine of a vehicle while providing protection. However, they differ in their formulation and features.

P40 contains natural carnauba wax, slick lubricants, and streak-free cleaners to provide quick wipe-downs and durable protection. It is designed to remove light dirt, dust, fingerprints, fresh water spots, bird droppings, and smudges in between full washes and details. You can use P40 after regular cleaner wax for an extra protection layer.

P40 is also ideal for drying a car without scratching it and can be used as a wax and shine on the go. It is best suited for maintaining a wax or sealant coating and restoring a just-waxed appearance.

Chemical Guys P40 and Sud Factory GOLD

Sud Factory GOLD, on the other hand, is synthesized with nano-polymer siloxane technology and infused with 100% Brazilian-sourced carnauba wax. It is designed to lift and remove dirt and grime safely and scratch-free while leaving a sleek, glossy, and protective finish. 

GOLD is formulated to be safely applied onto any surface without leaving behind an ugly white residue. It can also be used as a finishing agent after a traditional car wash to leave a glossy finish on all surfaces such as glass, auto body, plastic, rubber, and vinyl. Sud Factory GOLD also has an orange-creamsicle scent.

P40 is ideal for quick touch-ups and maintaining a wax or sealant coating. It is also suitable for on-the-go use and drying a car without scratching it. Sud Factory GOLD, on the other hand, is best for those who want a scratch-free cleaning that leaves behind a glossy and protective finish. 

Winner: Tie

Sud Factory vs Chemical Guys: Which One Should You Pick?

After all the comparison, Chemical Guys are undoubtedly the bigger and better brand with a larger range of products catering to every need of a car detailer. Chemical Guys have better products and offer better customer service. Moreover, they have been servicing automotive owners since 1968.

On the other hand, Sud Factory is a comparatively newer brand that has a limited number of products. Also, Sud Factory has received a lot of complaints over the years. All of these reduce its credibility as a brand even though it produces good products. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Chemical Guys water spot remover safe for ceramic coating?

Yes, the Chemical Guys water spot remover is safe for ceramic coatings. If your car has ceramic coating you can use Chemical Guys water spot remover without worry.

Does Chemical Guys water spot remover work on glass?

Yes, the Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover can be used to erase alkaline water mineral stains from glass surfaces. It can be used on paintwork, glass, and polished metal surfaces. 

Is Sud Factory legit?

Yes, but they have a bad reputation for not complying with some of their policies. Also, their customer service is poor, which makes their legitimacy questionable.


After comparing Sud Factory vs Chemical Guys, we have uncovered some key differences between these brands.

Chemical Guys is a well-known and respected brand in the automotive detailing industry, with a wide range of high-quality products and a strong reputation for customer service. Sud Factory, on the other hand, appears to be a less reputable company with potential issues related to its return policy and customer service.

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